NI Influencers Academy

Hundreds of people visit NI Influencers website every day looking for Influencers based in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland.

Sign up as an influencer to be part of our collective and join an exclusive community and get local leads straight to your inbox (must meet certain criteria).

Since 2022, NI Influencers has existed to provide a matchmaking service for businesses who would like to connect with content creators, with over 200 UK & Irish Influencers now live on our platform.

As the CEO of NI Influencers, I have nearly 20 years experience of elevating numerous businesses from start-up to success.

Our academy provides expert guidance and essential tools to help boost your following, enhance engagement, and pave the way for successful brand collaborations, helping you achieve your influencer aspirations.

The NI Influencers Academy is now teaching small to medium businesses how to learn the tricks of the trade to elevate their brand, following and engagement rates.

Clare Getty

CEO NI Influencers